Islanders Fans Should Thank John Tavares

July 3rd, 2018 by Chris Lobosco

Long Island got what it deserves.

And no, I don’t mean that in any negative sort of way, I mean it with the best intentions.

Islanders fans let me ask you, would you take another 7 or 8 years of being on the cusp of the playoffs, just to fall short? Mediocre signing from a lackluster GM? Mind-boggling coaching decisions by an inexperienced coach? Not knowing where you’ll have to go just to see your team play at home?

Not a chance.

John Tavares leaving shook the fans and franchise in the worst way, but I’m here to tell you that it’s the best thing that could have happened. Now, I can understand that he was the face of the franchise, and people will claim he’s a villain, but much like a winged vigilante, he’s the hero you needed, not the one you deserved. He had to leave to bring light to the plethora of flaws that was the New York Islanders.

The first complaint I hear is that, “He told the Islanders not to trade him, they could have gotten SOMETHING back in return.”

But in my eyes, the Isles DID trade Tavares:

NYI Trades: John Tavares

Receives: Lou Lamoriello, Barry Trotz, and a New Stadium.

In an effort to keep Tavares, they had to show they were a legitimate franchise, you know like how every other organization is run (barring the Ottawa Senators)... I mean come on, they finally fired Garth Snow! I’m a Rangers fan and I’m happy about that! But this is what it finally took for them to realize there needed to be a monumental change in how they conducted business.

They now have a General Manager and Head Coach with experience.

And that’s the key here, you should have faith that they are going to make the right decisions. When I worked for the Nashville Predators, any time David Poile made a trade/ signing you felt confident, because you knew, “this guy knows what he’s doing.” It’s a great feeling Islanders fans, get excited.

Barry Trotz is a great coach, everyone who knew him in Nashville was rooting for him and only had good things to say about him. I want to disclose that, just because you have a good coach does not mean you will have instant success. It takes time, but you should look at what he was able to do with some lackluster teams in Nashville. Trust me they didn’t have a Tavares either.

Lastly, can’t we all be happy they are leaving Brooklyn? I’m a Long Island native and I haven’t heard one Islanders fan say something positive about it. Having the team nearby gives you the convenience to see more games, I’ve been to far more Islanders games than I have Rangers games at the Garden, just to see some NHL hockey. Belmont is going to be great, and the LIRR runs out there so we can booze all we want and not have drunk drivers on Hempstead Turnpike.

And as much as it hurts, you should thank John Tavares for bringing stability and a bright future for the team. He’s done it, not with his play on the ice, but with his influence.

When the team drafted him 1st overall in 2009, fans thought, “He’s going to save the franchise”

He did.

Not in the form of a championship, but in creating a future for this organization by forcing them to change.

Like after a breakup, it hurts like hell, but you look back and see all of the dumb things you’ve done (Like throwing up on your prom date’s party bus… I’m still sorry about that), and now you look to change for the better.