Power Rankings Through 10/31


This is the first power rankings we did of the 2018-2019 season. Let us know below if you agree with our top 5 and bottom 5!

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  1. Toronto - Besides the fact they score a million goals a game, they're 4 - 0 on the road to start the year.

  2. Boston - Best line in hockey doing their thing.

  3. Carolina - We'll see how long this lasts, but wow they're fast.

  4. New Jersey - 3-0 to start the season, throttled the Stanley Cup champs and beat a really good SJ team. Balanced 4 lines. And Keith Kinkaid is the best back up in the league.

  5. Anaheim - Winning games with their young guys.


  1. Toronto - Holy PP.

  2. Nashville - Par for the course. They won't wow you with their roster, but they're damn good and will keep stacking up W's.

  3. Boston - So much for all the commotion over a Pastrnak demotion. Best line in hockey buzzing, depth looks good enough.

  4. Dallas - I'm a Jamie Benn guy. D looks to be somewhat improved with Miro. About as scary as any team offensively when they're hummin.

  5. New Jersey - Perfect start to the year, beating the Caps and Sharks. Will it last? No. But still rather impressive with an NHL best +10 GD.


  1. Toronto - looking like the 80s Oilers with 4.83 GF/GP and 3.67 GA/GPNJ- Undefeated with a +14 goals differential, but only 4 games played.

  2. NJ - Undefeated with a +14 goals differential, but only 4 games played

  3. Carolina - Rod the Bod has this young team playing fast and exciting, goalies are still a questioned mark.

  4. Boston - Best line in hockey leading the charge.

  5. Buffalo - Has a winning record for the first time since Nam, obviously they are going to win the Cup.


  1. Boston - Solid from top to bottom. +9 GD and top line is just too good. Need continuous contributions from secondary scoring to stay atop rankings though.

  2. Toronto - Very impressive start offensively but the number of GA is concerning. Pace of scoring will slow down and they'll be forced to win 3-2 / 2-1 games...can it happen?

  3. Nashville - 4-1 start, as expected, and smoked the Jets.

  4. Dallas - Is this the year? Benn and Seguin have been on fire!

  5. Tampa Bay - Only played 3 games so far and won 2 of them. They still deserve a spot in top 5, too much talent!

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  1. Arizona - Took them 3 games to score their first goal, yikes.

  2. NYR - Young team figuring things out, wonder when they trade Zucc?

  3. Edmonton - If they're not above .500 come thanksgiving, cya Todd.

  4. St. Louis - I thought this team was supposed to be a wagon?

  5. Detroit - Winless in their first 5, with a -12 GD...Not great Bob!


  1. Florida - 1 of only 2 winless teams. I know they've only played 3 games, but 2 losses at Home to start the year hurts.

  2. NYR - Told ya they'd be bad. They're bad even with good numbers from Hank, rut roh.

  3. Edmonton - New season, same team. Getting farther and farther from that surprising Semifinals run in '16-'17.

  4. Arizona - Everyone assumes a straight line positive path in development for a young team. Already showing it won't be that easy.

  5. Detroit - This team may be historically bad without Zetterchez; 0-3-2 start.


  1. Vegas - Is the fairy tale over? Only 2 wins in 6 games but plenty of time to rebound, Stastny's long term injury could be a problem.

  2. Florida - 0 wins in 3 games. This talented team better not mess up my playoff prediction.

  3. Arizona - 3 goals in 4 games wont cut it, Raanta doing his part with 9 goals against.

  4. Detroit - winless and a -12 goals differential are the signs that the rebuild is on.

  5. Edmonton - Get McDavid some help or get him out of Alberta. McDavid as contributed in all five of the teams goals in only 3 games.


  1. Montreal - Have won 2 games, but they still belong in bottom 5 until they can prove it for a few weeks.

  2. Ottawa - Yes they've won more games then several teams, but just wait....it's coming....

  3. NY Rangers - Feel bad for the King, but this team is BAD. Will be buried in basement all season.

  4. Detroit - A -12 GD is hard to argue to not put them in basement.

  5. Arizona - 3 GF in 4 GP?!? You're kidding right?

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