Power Rankings Through 11/14


The cream is already starting to raise to the top!



  1. Nashvile - 13-3, undefeated on the road, +21 GD. Certified wagon

  2. Minnesota - 1 pt behind TBL but riding a cool 3 game winning streak, undefeated in regulation at home

  3. Tampa Bay - Just quietly going about their business being the best team in the east

  4. Boston - Pasta cant stop wont stop

  5. Winnipeg - Look out their big boys are heating up


  1. Nashville - had em top 2-3 every week so far this year. If it ain't broke don't fix it

  2. Tampa - Vas, one of the early leaders in the Vezina has this team still easily cemented in the top 5

  3. Minnesota - I guess I have to put them here, they've been great and so has their Goaltending. Yet another overachieving year with an uninspiring roster out of Minnesota.... tf is in that water anyway?

  4. Boston - Career rejuvenation time for Halak baby. Also, wonder what the Tuuka personal leave was about? If this teams secondary scoring picks up, watch out...

  5. Toronto - they've managed to tread water without AM34, and he's due back in a week or two. Still one of the best forward groups in the league


  1. Nashville - 8-2-0 in the last 10, a league best +21 goal differential and 26 pts to lead the league

  2. Tampa Bay - Not as dominate as they were last year but still pretty good

  3. Vancouver - Welcome to the Elias Pettersson show. This team is one of the biggest surprises of the season so far, lets see if it lasts

  4. Winnipeg - They may be 8th in the standings but they haven’t even hit there stride. Probably have the most underrated #1 line

  5. Buffalo - Third straight week in my Top 5 is no fluke. This team is the real deal....probably........hopefully


  1. Nashville - Just lost their first game on road, 8-1 start...pretty damn good!

  2. Tampa Bay - They're just plugging away with not a lot of people noticing. Hedman is back which will be a big boost for their PP

  3. Minnesota - So much for this team contending for the worst in the Central. BUT, it is the central so a smooth 4-5 game losing streak is possible at any time...See Colorado :(

  4. Boston - Halak providing unbelievable "back-up" tending and the top line just keeps producing

  5. Winnipeg - It's no surprise this team is in the top 5 at this point of the season. They'll continue to get better as season progresses.



  1. Edmonton - Their winning stint was a flash in the pan, this team stinks

  2. Vegas - The bounce back is real

  3. Chicago - They fired the wrong person

  4. LA - I feel bad for Anze

  5. New Jersey - #CoachQtoNJ, #LoseforHughes


  1. Ottawa - Continuing to regress to their likely potential for the ceiling. Will Brady coming back be enough to stymie the slide?

  2. Vegas - Bottom 5 GD in the league? Hopefully Nate Schmidt is all they've been missing...?

  3. St. Louis - Still absolutely nothing impressive coming out of the Midwest, and now a Goalie controversy (who would have thought)

  4. New Jersey - Where you at Hall? You're actually human?

  5. LA - This years Vegas in terms of their tendy situation... minus the wins. Kinda need those


  1. Ottawa - The only worse then their last ten games is the fact the are a magnet for bad media

  2. Chicago - End of an era for Coach Q. Whats next for the latest dynasty

  3. Vegas - Hard for the whole team to have back to back career years. Getting Schmidt and Stastny back soon will help

  4. LA - Can Willie Desjardins right this old slow team? Both Quick and Campbell out long term wont help

  5. New Jersey - See @BobbyDrex twitter feed


  1. Vegas - It pains me to put the Golden Knights here, but, they're just not very good thus far. Injuries haven't helped them and their FA pickups have been below average when actually playing

  2. New Jersey - So much for that 4-0 start. They're playing some bad hockey right now and getting no goaltending from either Kinkaid or Schneids

  3. Ottawa - I'll continue to bury this team in the basement. Technically not in the bottom 5 of standings but they've played a bunch more games than teams below them

  4. Chicago - They're starting to round into the form we expected from them. 2-6-2 in last 10GP, yikes. Kane and Toews can only carry them so far

  5. LA - Quick...now Campbell...If this team wasn't bad enough, now they'll have their 3rd string tendy for the next month or more.

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