Power Rankings Through 11/28


These guys are GOOD, SCARY GOOD.



  1. Buffalo - 9 game win streak and second in the league will get you first in my power rankings

  2. Nashville - Depth.

  3. Tampa Bay - It doesn’t even seem like they're playing great and they're still throttling teams

  4. Washington - *looks around* *whispers* "is Tom Wilson the Caps MVP?"

  5. Colorado - Yup, the first line is still good


  1. Nashville - Still a wagon. Every week. Goaltending rules the world?

  2. Tampa Bay - Identical record to Nashville, +1 more GD

  3. Buffalo - GOOD. SCARY GOOD.

  4. Toronto - Nylander deal impending, AM34 coming back soon and they're still Top 4 in the league in points? Rut Roh Shaggy

  5. Winnipeg - 6-3-1 in their last 10 and the best PP in the league. Coming off a 5 goal Laine game, yeah they're decent


  1. Buffalo - All aboard the bandwagon

  2. No other team matters

  3. No other team matters

  4. No other team matters

  5. No other team matters


  1. Nashville - Pedestrian 5-4-1 in last 10, yet still 2 in points in the league. +19 goal differential and Pekka is a beast

  2. Buffalo - 10 in a row...even though 7 of 10 games have required OT or shootout, which is a bit concerning, this team is fun to watch!

  3. Colorado - 5 in a row, scoring a shit ton of goals, and getting quality defense and tending. Most importantly, winning games on the road this year!

  4. Tampa - Top scoring team in league and Kuch starting to heat up. Once Vaz comes back, all will be good in the hood

  5. Washington - Quietly have strung 6 wins in a row, 7-3 in last 10...with no Kuzy as of late!



  1. Edmonton - Lol at hiring a guy who still thinks the coaching style of 1999 will work

  2. Ottawa - a cool L4 streak, at least they have some promising talent to be excited about

  3. St Louis - ...I dont think its the coaches fault anymore with this roster

  4. LA - Quick is back to help the devils lose for Hughes

  5. New Jersey - Hall stinks, Palms stinks, Hynes stinks, our roster stinks, the fans stink. #LoseforHughes


  1. Edmonton - Lost 8 of their last 10. Can Hitchcock bring them back? It's a good start but it still doesn't fix a Chiarelli

  2. Philadelphia - Just fired Hextall but kept Hakstoll around. Midseason GM firing a little surprising... can they rebound? Great talent and great prospect pool still. My bet says yes but for now, ya'll suck (see uninspired 6-0 loss to the Leafs)

  3. New Jersey - Brutal road record.. Kinkaid playing well but what's good Scheids?

  4. Arizona - Continual injuries to Raanta is killing them, but maybe the Schmaltz/Strome trade will be enough to shake up the team that's racked up 2 Wins in their last 10 GP's

  5. LA - See the last 3 Beauts & Bums. Anze heating up with 7 in his last 5 start to help... we'll see if Hags for Pearson mattered?


  1. Pittsburgh - Time to worry? Probably not but still concerning how low they are in the standings

  2. Edmonton - The Hitch effect still hasn't kicked in.......if it ever does

  3. Arizona - 2-6-2 in their last ten, maybe they should stop trading for Chicago's castaways

  4. St. Louis - Third coach in three years, someone needs to get more out of this talented roster

  5. LA - Kovy on the fourth line, goalie injuries, new coach what's next?


  1. New Jersey - Better luck next year. The Schneids is brutal everytime he steps between the pipes this year, what gives?

  2. Philadelphia - With the amount of talent on this team, it just makes no sense. You fire your GM and not the coach?

  3. St Louis - Fired Yeo, what's next? Quality talent on this roster yet continues to produce mediocre results.

  4. Ottawa - Quietly sliding down the power rankings each week falling into the form we all expected.

  5. LA - This team is terrible. Jeff Carter is a FA for christ sakes in my fantasy league!