Preseason Power Rankings

Each week when the season gets under way, we will be posting our weekly power rankings. These will be 100% our opinion and we will always give a brief reasoning as to why we have ranked them this way.



  1. Tampa Bay - Arguably the deepest roster in the league. Locked up Kuch long term which will help keep them as contenders.

  2. Toronto - John Tavares will finally be able to showcase why he's a top 10 player in the league.

  3. Washington - I have to put them in the top 5 because they won the cup right?

  4. Boston - Healthy Bergeron from the get go makes the best line in hockey even better.

  5. San Jose - Deepest D-Core in the league now? Best PP without a doubt.


  1. Tampa Bay - 3 of the best players at their position in Kuch, Hedman & Vas. Too deep and too skilled.

  2. Winnipeg - Stastny loss hurts down the middle, but plenty of firepower to make up for it. Hellebuyck finally undisputed #1 going into season.

  3. Nashville - Still the most solid d core in the league. Can Rinne have another great year or will Saros step up?

  4. Toronto - JT and AM34. Yup.

  5. Pittsburgh - Still too much elite level talent to ignore. Can't bet against them in any single game.


  1. Winnipeg - Didn't need to change much on the star studded roster.

  2. Tampa Bay - Will they have enough in the tank for when the playoffs start?

  3. Nashville - They have depth at every position, just have to beat their division.

  4. Toronto - Instant contender after signing JT.

  5. San Jose - Best top 3 defensemen in the league and good top 6 forwards.


  1. Tampa Bay - Signed Kuch long term, same core, and another year of experience for Vasy...this team will get comfortable in the top 5 this year.

  2. San Jose - Fantastic regular season team and the addition of EK should lead to big things in 2018-2019.

  3. Toronto - Welcome home JT. If they can get mediocre play out of their defense, they'll be in the top 5 all year.

  4. Pittsburgh - If Murray can stay healthy this team will be cemented in the top 5 this season. I don't bet against Sid anymore.

  5. Vegas - Easily could be towards bottom of Pacific, but addition of Statsny and Max puts them in my top 5 until proven otherwise.



  1. Carolina - Crazy owner, promising young talent

  2. Montreal - Does this team have any centers?

  3. Vancouver - Bad mix of a young team and some bad contracts

  4. Detroit - See Vancouver..But without a stud goal scorer.

  5. Ottawa - More like HAttawa amrite?


  1. NY Rangers - Hank can't handle the full season workload they need him to. This spot a toss up between the two - NYR/NYI.

  2. Vancouver - minimal depth, bad goaltending and only one scorer. Only reason they aren't lower is because of half of the Atlantic.

  3. Montreal - Zero offensive talent outside of Drouin & Domi, Weber to miss half the year. Sorry Carey.

  4. Detroit - loss of Zettercheese felt on and off the ice. Larkin & Mantha don't have any help.

  5. Ottawa - lmao


  1. Blackhawks- Crawfords health in question, old core regressing

  2. Montreal- How bad they get depends on Price

  3. Detroit- Bad before but now no Zetterburg

  4. Vancouver- Good thing they shored up their bottom 6 forwards

  5. Ottawa- Now what?


  1. NY Islanders - Bottom 10 last seasons and now no JT, enjoy your time in the basement for a while.

  2. Montreal - Awful goal output and lost their top scorer. I'm sorry Price but it's going to be all on you kid!

  3. Vancouver - Have some solid prospects in the system but not enough to get out of the basement in a very tough division.

  4. Detroit - Didn't add anything substantial and Zetts retiring will hurt this team.

  5. Ottawa - Avs fans (including myself) rejoicing across the globe!

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